Urdu & Persian

Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language originating in the region between the Ganges and Jamuna rivers near Delhi. As a spoken language Urdu originally derived from Hindustani,the lingua franca of Northern India before the partition of 1947. Although Urdu and Hindi arose from the same or very similar colloquial bases, their literary forms are much different because of the strong influences of Sanskrit on Hindi and of Persian and Arabic on Urdu. Grammar in the two languages is still nearly the same, however, except in instances in which literary Urdu adopts Persian or Arabic constructions.

Urdu is a very important language of Indian subcontinent both for the reasons of large number of its speakers as well as its rich literature.

Information about Location (Lucknow)

Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Lucknow's history begins with its elevation to a capital city under the Nawabs of Awadh. The architectural contributions of the Awadh rulers, many paintings of whom are maintained at the Art Gallery today, include numerous mosques and palaces. Of the monuments standing today, the BaRa ImaambaaRa, the Chhota ImaambaaRa, and the Roomi Darwaaza are notable examples.

The province of Awadh (anglicized to Oudh) was annexed by the British rulers of India, and in the Indian Mutiny of 1857, Lucknow was one of the cities besieged by the rebel forces. Today, the ruins of the Residency, and the picturesque Shaheed Smarak offer the poignant reminisces of Lucknow's role in the Mutiny. Other architectural delights in Lucknow include the Vidhan Sabha (State Legislature) and the railway station at Charbaagh with its yellow domes and pillars. One of the oldest schools in the world is also situated in Lucknow: La Martiniere, founded in the 1845 by Claude Martin.

TENTATIVE CLASS SCHEDULE (AIIS) Urdu Language Program Lucknow

Day 7:30pm –8:30pm (IST)
(60 minutes)
8:40pm-9:40pm (IST)
(60 minutes)
9:50pm-10:50pm (IST)
(60 minutes)
7:30pm –8:30pm (IST)
(60 minutes)
8:40pm-9:40pm (IST)
(60 minutes)
(60 minutes)
7:30pm –8:30pm (IST)
(60 minutes)
8:40pm-9:40pm (IST)
(60 minutes)
(60 minutes)
Monday Vocabulary Literature Prose Test Review/ Error Correction Vocabulary Literature Prose Test Review Vocabulary Grammar Test Review
Tuesday Grammar/ Classical Literature Oral Presentation Literature Poetry Grammar Oral Presentation Error Correction Literature Prose Oral Presentation Error Correction
Wednesday Weekly Guest Magazine Reading Listening Video Weekly Guest Magazine Listening Video Grammar Drill Literature Poetry Listening Video
Thursday Literary Reading Prose & Poetry Listening Audio Magazine Newspaper Grammar Drill Listening Audio Sight Reading & Dictation Magazine Reading Conversation Sight Reading & Dictation
Friday Newspaper Idioms & Phrases Conversation News Paper Literature Poetry Conversation Newspaper Listening Audio Oral Presentation

*Those who opted 72 hours lesson please chooses your classes and stay with the same schedule.

Dinner with Host family Dinner with Host family Enjoying with Host family Enjoying with Host family SAFLI-student Ms. Katherine performing Harmonium during cultural program Selfie with host family Traditional pooja with host family Urdu participants at Fatehpur Sikri on field trip Urdu Participants at Taj Mahal Urdu Participants at residency on local trip Urdu students at Mahmudabad fort Urdu students learning Tabla With Host family
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URDU Language Program Center → Lucknow

Student's Expenditure Information

Item In Rupees In Dollars, One USD = Rs. 74
Host family rent per month (including AC, breakfast, dinner and meals on holidays)25000338
Host family rent per month excluding AC ( with breakfast, dinner and meals on holidays)18000243
Breakfast,lunch or dinner rate in a decent hotel750 to 100013.5
Host family rent payment modeCash- Monthly in advance
Laundry charges (per cloth) 25
Conveyance to and from LP center (average)1502
Conveyance to and from Airport3004
Conveyance to and from Railway station2003
Internet (for buying a data card (Reliance / Airtel)250034
Lunch rate at the program house (Monday - Friday)1001.4
Gym membership charges200027
International courier charges300041
Entertainment (ticket charges at a film theatre)300 to 6004 to 8
Mobile set and sim card (basic phone)200027
Mobile set and sim card (smartphone) starting range600081
Mobile or laptop repairing charges (excluding cost of parts)100013
Doctor visiting charges (excluding medicines)75010
Cultural acitivity classes such as Kathak, singing, harmonium, sitar, etc. ( Per hour charges)500 to 10007 to 14
Class materials200 to 5003 to 6
ISD calling charges USA/per minute15 Rs.
Local Cloths/saloon/parlor2000 to 300028 to 41

ISD calling is 15 Rs. Per minute but some mobile companies provide special tarif vouchers. If one opts for it the calling to USA can be reduced to 1 Rs. Per minute. For any other information please contact AIIS Lucknow Program Head urdulp@aiis.edu.in


AIIS assists students in finding local accommodation within a reasonable commuting distance of the Language Program center. Depending on the size of the Program and the availability of suitable accommodations, students are sometimes housed in furnished apartments, but more commonly live in "paying guest" or "home-stay" arrangements in private homes, preferably with families who speak the target language. Detailed guidelines will also be sent to students once they are accepted into an AIIS Program.