Bangla, the language of the Bengali people in India and Bangladesh is spoken by nearly 250 million people throughout the world. Bangla is spoken by over 80 million (2001 Census) people in West Bengal alone.

Bangla and its importance

Command over spoken Bangla is conducive to further studies in Anthropology, History, Linguistics, Literature, Public Health, Women Studies, Religion, Performing Arts etc. It can be also beneficial in the field of commerce, industry, tourism and such other aspects of Bengali life and society.

Audio and video tapes in the regional language collected in the respective field of studies can be better understood contextually by enhancing listening skill.

Reading Bangla material is imperative for research in Bengal's rich history and culture, its aesthetic and spiritual values, its language and literature, film and theatre, art and music, faiths and beliefs, cuisine and fashion.

Regular trips are conducted for the class to places of academic and cultural interest.

AIIS Language course immediately involves the participants in Bangla conversation to help them grasp the basic structure and idiom of the everyday language. In addition to about 2,500 functional distinct words and phrases, the course helps the learner to build up classified vocabulary, related to his/her field of enquiry. The instructors help the learners not only to find useful books / materials of their respective interest but also guide them to browse through some of them in Personal Tutorial classes.


AIIS Advanced Bangla Program is located in the premises of the Institute at Ballygunge (Kolkata) in the southern part of the city. Kolkata in the beginning is a very bewildering city yet fascinating because of its history, multiplicity of ethnic population and cosmopolitan culture. This 300 years old city is the capital of the state of West Bengal thriving with intellectual, academic and cultural activities and a very important center for commerce and industries.

9-10 10-11 15 min 11.15-12.15 12.15-1.15 1.15-2 2-3
Monday Grammar Prepared Reading Break Situational conversation & Debate Tutorial Lunch Journal Correction
Tuesday Oral Presentation Sight Reading Newspaper Magazine Leaflets Break Writing Error Correction Lunch Zero hour
Wednesday Prepared Reading Pronunciation Spelling & Dictation Break Bangla Film Preparation-Viewing-Review Film Class Continues Lunch Zero hour
Thursday Grammar Review Listening Comprehension Audio & Video alternately Break Conversation Tutorial Lunch Student Teacher Interaction Meeting
Friday Weekly Test Vocabulary Review & Drill Break Film Discussion Cookery Casual Chat alternately Guest Interview Lunch Excursion
BanglaStudents Learning Indian classical dance Learning Indian classical dance Visiting terracotta temple at Bishnupur Monolingual guest scroll painter in class Monolingual guest scroll painter in class With a terracotta craft artist With a terracotta craft artist Bangla students with community health service provider Bangla students with community health service provider Interacting with NGO workers Interacting with NGO workers
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Student's Expenditure Information 2023

Item In Rupees In Dollars, One USD = Rs. 82
Charges for staying with a Host family per month (AC, breakfast, dinner, and all meals on holidays) 30000.00365.85
Charges for staying with a Host family per month (Non AC, breakfast , dinner and all meals on holidays) 25000.00304.87
Independent Accommodation ( No meals but AC )25000.00304.87
Independent Accommodation ( No meals, No AC )20000.00243.90
Cost of a meal in a decent restaurant700.00-1000.008.53-12.19
Laundry charges ( per cloth)20.00.24
Conveyance per week to and from LP Center (bus & auto rickshaw)1100.0013.4
4G /5G Data card (device) for Internet2700.0032.92
4G/5G Data plan for Data Card /Dongle : Unlimited per month500.006.09
Lunch (veg or non-veg) at the program house per week (Monday-Friday)800.009.75
Gym Monthly fee3500.0042.68
International postal charges per kilogram (books etc.)120014.63
Entertainment ( ticket charges at a film / theatre )150.00 - 300.001.8- 3.6
Mobile set and SIM card ( Basic model)2500.0030.48
Mobile ph recharge cost per month (calling, text and 2 GB data per day)3604.39
Cost for 2 nights trip within West Bengal(other than program)10000.00121.95
Dance & music classes like Kathak, Singing, Tabla, Sitar learning etc ( Per hour charges)1000.0012.19
Doctor Consultation fees (Private clinic)800.00 - 1500.009.75 - 18.29
Psychologist Consultation fees1200 - 200014.63 - 24.39
Any other costs that you might incur (Toiletries, shoes, kurtas etc for entire Summer)5000.0060.97

For any other information, please contact Program Head


AIIS assists students in finding local accommodation within a reasonable commuting distance of the Language Program center. Depending on the size of the Program and the availability of suitable accommodations, students are sometimes housed in furnished apartments, but more commonly live in "paying guest" or "home-stay" arrangements in private homes, preferably with families who speak the target language. Detailed guidelines will also be sent to students once they are accepted into an AIIS Program.