Punjabi is an Indo-European language within the Indic branch of the Indo-Iranian subfamily. Unusually for an Indo- European language, Punjabi is tonal.

Punjabi is the official language of the Indian state of Punjab and the shared state capital Chandigarh. It is one of the second official languages of Delhi and Haryana. It is also spoken in neighboring areas such as Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Punjabi is predominantly spoken language in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Much like English, Punjabi has moved around the world and developed local forms by integrating local vocabulary. While loanwords come from English, Hindi and Urdu (and indirectly from Persian and Arabic). Punjabi emigrants around the world have integrated terms from such languages as Spanish and Dutch. A distinctive "Diaspora Punjabi" is thus emerging.

About the Location

Chandigarh is located near the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas in North- West India.

Longitudinal     : 76° 47' 24" East
Latitudinal        : 30°44' 24" North
Altitude             : 304-365 meters above MSL,
Population      : 9,00,635 { Rural 92120 (10.2%); Urban 808515 (89.8%)} (2001 Census) Area : Municipal administrative limit comprises of 114 sq. kms

ISD - STD CODE: 91 - 0172

CLIMATE: (Best between September and March)

Summer   - Between 35° C to 42° C (Temp. may rise to a maximum 44° C
Autumn     - Between 16° C to 27° C ( Temp. may rise to 36° C)
Winter       - Between 7° C to 15° (Minimum 0° C to 5° C)
Spring        - Maximum 16° C to 25° C Minimum 9° C to 18° C.

Average Annual Rainfall: 1110.7 mm
Monsoon July - September
Flora: Given to the amount of rainfall in Chandigarh, it has rich variety of trees, herbs and shrubs.


Summer / Monsoon (March - October): Light Tropical
Winter (November - February): Woolen, Thick Cotton

09.00-10.00 10.00-11.00 11.15-12.00 12.00-01.00 02.00-03.00
Monday Conversation Grammar Error Correction Preparation for Film / TV Serials / Listening Audio
TUESDAY Personal Tutorials Punjabi Feature Film or Audio Punjabi Feature Film or Video Punjabi Feature Film or Personal Tutorial
WEDNESDAY Personal Tutorials Conversation Film Discussion or Audio / Video Personal Tutorials Zero Hour
THURSDAY Grammar Oral Presentation Literature Signs & Vocabulary
FRIDAY Personal Tutorials Vocabulary Use in sentences / Idioms / Word Formation Weekly Test Preparation for next week and Field Trip
American Institute of Indian Studies

PUNJABI Language Program Center → Chandigarh

Studentís Expenditure Information

Item In Rupees In Dollars, One USD = Rs. 70
Host family rent per month (Including AC, breakfast , dinner, and meals on holidays)17,000/- P.M.267
Host family rent per month (Including Non AC but with cooler, breakfast , dinner, and meals on holidays13,000/- P.M.200
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner rate in a decent hotel Breakfast 200/- Lunch = 400/- Dinner = 400/-14
Host family rent payment mode Advance
Laundry charges ( per month) 450/- P.M.-
Conveyance to and from LP Center ( average) 170/- one side2.5
Internet ( for buying a data card ( Tata photon/ Reliance)2500/-41.67
Lunch rate at the program house ( Monday-Friday)80/- per day1.67
Gym charges and membership charges (per month)membership- 1500/- Gym 1200/- P.M.
International courier charges60/- minimum1
Entertainment ( ticket charges at film theater )250/- 3.34
Mobile set and SIM card ( Basic model) 1200/-20
Doctor Consultation fees500/-6
Music classes like Kathak, singing, harmonium, sitar learning etc ( Per hour charges) 1500/- p.m.25
ISD Calling USA /Per minute60/- pack for month and rate charges 1/- per minute1

For any other information, please contact Program Head punjabilp@aiis.edu.in


AIIS assists students in finding local accommodation within a reasonable commuting distance of the Language Program center. Depending on the size of the Program and the availability of suitable accommodations, students are sometimes housed in furnished apartments, but more commonly live in "paying guest" or "home-stay" arrangements in private homes, preferably with families who speak the target language. Detailed guidelines will also be sent to students once they are accepted into an AIIS Program.

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