1. Coursework: January 03, 2022 and concludes on April 29, 2022
  2. Classes: Mondays through Friday from 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm. (IST- Indian standard time) Per day two hours class. Students will receive weekly schedule from program head in advance listing topic of classes
  3. Levels: 3 class levels - Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  4. No. of Weeks: 16
  5. Synchronous lesson: 10 Hrs. per week face-to-face (live) class session. This would be in a group and could include lecturing, group activities, etc.
  6. Asynchronous lesson: Two hours every week task-based teaching, breakdown can be as below: 1-Weekly Test: One hour each week 2- Reading/ Listening Comprehension
  7. Total Hours per week: 12 Hrs per week- 10 hours of face-to-face ("synchronous") and 02 hours task based (asynchronous) teaching each week total 12 hours in a week.
  8. Home Work: In addition to synchronous coursework, students should expect to spend approximately three to five hours each week on assigned homework and independent study.
  9. Skills & Subjects Taught: Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary
  10. Technological Platform: Synchronous (live) class session will be hosted on Zoom. Students will receive invitations/ meeting ID along with password to join Zoom calls in advance. Course materials, including articles, recorded videos, etc., will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. AIIS will provide Microsoft Teams login IDs to all participants.
  11. Course Materials: All course materials will be provided to students digitally via the course platform, Microsoft Teams, including texts for TL, as well as authentic materials written for native speakers such as short stories, newspaper and magazine articles, movie and TV show clips, sound recordings, etc.
  12. Assessment/Testing: Three assessment tests help to check students’ skills and to monitor their progress throughout the program.
    1- Placement Test –The placement test allows faculty to assess students’ language skills upon arrival at the program. After the placement test, we form groups on the basis of linguistic skill levels.
    Placement: The program head will conduct a placement test for the students and assign them to the appropriate level. This will include both written and oral assessments (for non-beginner students) such as a short face-to-face interview with a teacher. 2 -Weekly Test – Every Friday, there will be a written test to help students review each week’s materials. 3- Achievement Test – At the end of program head will take a final test to evaluate the learning and development on all four skills of participants.
  13. Grade Assessment:According to ACTFL scale based on class performance, home assignments & the final test. Academic credit for the virtual program is not available. However, student progress will be assessed through class participation, weekly Test, homework assignments, Final Project and presentations, and final exams. The grading rubric for fall semester will be as follows:


Grading Component Percentage
Attendance & Class Participation20%
Homework Assignments20%
Weekly Tests20%
Final Exam20%
Final Project & Presentation20%