Karnataka (Kannada) is a state of the republic of India located in the South West of peninsula. Created on the 1st of November 1956 as Mysore State, It was renamed as Karnataka in 1973. Its capital city Bangalore is at the forefront of rapid economic and technological development that India is experiencing.

Kannada, the official language of Karnataka, is spoken as a native tongue by about 64.8% of its inhabitants. Other languages spoken languages in this State are Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Tulu, Hindi , Konkani, Malayalam, and Kodava . The diverse linguistic and religious ethnicities of this land, with their histories, have contributed immensely to the cultural mosaic and heritage of Karnataka.

Kannada speakers are approximately 60 million in numbers. This ancient Dravidian language is attested epigraphically from about mid-first millennium AD and the literary Old Kannada flourished in the 9th to 10th centuries. Contemporary Kannada literature has been most successful in India, in terms of recognition. India's highest literary honor, the Jnanpith awards, has been conferred seven times upon Kannada writers, highest for any language in India. Based on the recommendations of the Committee of Linguistic Experts (appointed by the Ministry of Culture), the Government of India officially recognized Kannada as a classical language

The location:

AIIS Kannada Language program is located in the historic city of Mysore. The city ( at 770MSL) with a salubrious climate is about 140 kms from Bangalore. Known as ' City of Palaces', Mysore retains a quaint charm, that never fails to enchant. Situated in the southern part of Deccan Plateau, Mysore is an undulating tableland, covered in parts by granite outcrops and fringed by verdant forests. A popular tourist destination of India, this educational and cultural center also offers several added attractions ranging from the splendid royal splendor of old Mysore ( with its fabulous Dasara Festival) to its exquisite temples, pilgrimage centers and scenic spots.

Mysore City Summary :

City Population: 7. 8 Lakhs
Area : 128.42 Sq Kms
Summer Temp: 21°C-34°C
Winter Temp: 12°C-30°C

The Program

The syllabus is designed according to the students' proficiency level and their focus of interest. The medium of instruction for all classes is Kannada.

SLP 2020 - Kannada Language Program - (Weekly online Schedule)

Period Day 1
7.30-8.30 pm
8. 35- 9.35 pm
9.40 -10.40 pm
Monday Grammar General Vocabulary Writing
Tuesday Introduction to written and oral texts along with reading Introduction to Medieval texts and Folklore Culture specific Vocabularies and writing
Wednesday Grammar Reading modern texts Listening comprehension / Documentaries
Thursday Reading exercise Oral discussion on Medieval texts Culture specific Vocabularies
Friday Grammar Drill and Newspaper reading Weekly test Writing
American Institute of Indian Studies

Kannada Language Program Center → Mysore

Student's Expenditure Information ( Approximate)

Item In Rupees In Dollars → 1 USD = Rs. 82
Host family rent per month - Usually the land owner will ask for three-month advance) 22000 (including bed tea/coffee, breakfast, Lunch, evening tea with biscuits, and dinner270
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner rate in a decent hotel500 per day6
Conveyance (to and from LP Centre)Rs.150 per day2
Internet (including data card) Tata Photon / Reliance3000 per month36
Mobile recharge5006
Gym membership and monthly charges350042
Entertainment (Ticket charges at Theatre)350 4
International courier charge (per k.g.)350067
Mobile handset600070
ISD Calling USA /Per minute Rs.10/-


AIIS assists students in finding local accommodation within a reasonable commuting distance of the Language Program center. Depending on the size of the Program and the availability of suitable accommodations, students are sometimes housed in furnished apartments, but more commonly live in "paying guest" or "home-stay" arrangements in private homes, preferably with families who speak the target language. Detailed guidelines will also be sent to students once they are accepted into an AIIS Program.