Tamil (தமிழ்) is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Tamil people of South India and North-east Sri Lanka. It has official status in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Tamil is also an official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world. Tamil literature has existed for over 2000 years.The earliest period of Tamil literature, Sangam literature, is dated from ca. 300 BC AD 300.

The following is the basic Tamil script.


Madurai is situated on the banks of the river Vaigai. The city was planned in the pattern of a lotus flower with the great Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple as its center. Madurai is the Second largest city in TamilNadu. It is in an inland location almost equidistant between the East and West coasts and the Southern tip of India. Once best known for its temple, Madurai today is an amalgam of antiquity and modernity. Old Madurai, heartland of Tamil culture, was known historically to the West as the Athens of the East. Madurai was the first capital of the Pandyas, patrons of the 'Tamil Sangam'.



Geographical location :
North Latitude : Between 930.00 and 1030.00
East Latitude: Between 7700.00 and 7830.00

Languages spoken: Tamil, Telugu, Sourashtra, English, Hindi

Municipal Corporation: Madurai
Area: 3741.73 square Kilometers
Population : Total 3038252
Literary 81.3%

9.00-9.55 10.00-11.00 11.00-11.15 11.15- 12.10 12.1 5 - 01.00 AN
Monday 1. Conversation
2. Speaking:
1.Radio Listening:
2. Writing:
- 1.Magazine Reading:
1. Personal Tutorial :
2. Personal Tutorial:
Tuesday 1.Preparation for Film/ / Interacting with a Monolingual Guest:
2. Reading:
1. Dictation:
2. Writing:
- 1.Grammar:
1.Oral Presentation:
2. Grammar:
Wednesday 1.Film: Pronunciation:
2.Speaking :
1. Personal Tutorial:
2. Personal Tutorial:
- 1.Error Correction:
1.Newspaper Reading:
2. Pronunciation:
Thursday 1.Interaction with a Monolingual -Review: Film Review :
2.Grammar Drills:
1. Grammar drills:
2. Vocabulary:
- 1.Literature:
2. Speaking:
1.Social Function: Situational Conversation:
2. Dictation:
Zero Hour
Friday 1.Vocabulary Review:
2.Vocabulary Review:
Weekly Test - Cooking: /Language Game/ Skit( corrections) Weekly Meeting ***
Tamil students at a local trip Tamil students at a local trip Tamil participants interacting with a monolingual guest Tamil participants interacting with a monolingual guest Tamil participants at a heritage walk Tamil participants at a heritage walk Tamil students promising to interact only in TL Tamil students promising to interact only in TL


AIIS assists students in finding local accommodation within a reasonable commuting distance of the Language Program center. Depending on the size of the Program and the availability of suitable accommodations, students are sometimes housed in furnished apartments, but more commonly live in "paying guest" or "home-stay" arrangements in private homes, preferably with families who speak the target language. Detailed guidelines will also be sent to students once they are accepted into an AIIS Program.

American Institute of Indian Studies

Tamil Language Program Center → Madurai

Student's Expenditure Information

Item In Rupees In Dollars, One USD = Rs. 70
Host family rent per month ( with out food)7500 + Electricity Charge + Water Charge + House Keeping fee(optional) + laundry (optional)115$
Breakfast and Lunch rate at Program House @ Rs.100/-per day Rs.2300/- per month (approximately) $36
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in decent hotels (per month for regular south Indian vegetarian food)Rs.9000/-p.m$138
Conveyance (to and from LP Center )(i) Bus Rs.10/- (one way)
(ii) Auto rickshaw Rs.60/- (one way)
(i)Gym membership and monthly charges
(ii)swimming pool charges
Mobile set and sim card charges (Basic model) (Talk time recharge scheme starts from Rs.200/-onwards) (Talk time top up recharge starts from Rs.10/-onwardsRs.2500/-$38
Entertainment ( Ticket charges at Theater )Rs.150/-per ticket$3
Doctor consultation fee Rs.500/-per consultation$8
Music cases ;(optional) like learning veena, sitar, vocal,Harmonium, etc (per hour charges) Yoga class(optional) Bharathnattiyam Dance (optional) Rs.800/- pm
Rs.100/- per class
Host Family rent payment modeCash (through the program center)-
Laundry charges + maintenance (not charged as piece rate, as it is done in the apartment ,For Ironing Rs.10 -15 per piece)-
ISD call charges to USA(i)Rs.6/-per minute (regular scheme)
(ii)Rs.0.60ps per minute (special scheme)
Drinking water per can of 20 liters Rs.35/-Rs.500/-(approximately)$8
Internet connection charges(for buying a data card) BSNL,Airtel, /Reliance /TATA etcRs.1000/-with plan charges starting from Rs.250/-$15

1 USD=Rs 68

For more information, Please contact tamillp@aiis.edu.in