What the students say...

Bangla LP

Everything has been excellent - local trips have been organized well and have been very interesting and fun.

I have been very impressed with the AIIS program. Not a single complaint.

Gujarati LP

I thought the program was organized very well. I liked the individualized program for each student.

Hindi LP

I think that the program, faculty, and staff are incredible. I am constantly impressed by their knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to teaching Hindi. I have spent time at AIIS, Landour, and Delhi University Hindi instruction. I am convinced that AIIS is the best in the business.

The variety is great: reading articles, stories, and watching films. It brings in ideas and material that we might encounter outside of the class and brings it into the classroom in a productive way.

The program was more than great, and the instructors were always up to the challenge and very accommodating.

Kannada LP

The most useful part of the curriculum is the conversation class and the grammar explanations. I feel like conversation class is the only time I really get to construct sentences using all of the cases and tenses that we learn

Malayalam LP

The teachers are very friendly and have been very helpful with questions brought up in class. They are aware of how difficult learning a language in another country is for us and have made every effort to make us feel comfortable.

Marathi LP

The flexibility, the personalized curriculum, the variety of activities. I really appreciate the combination of structured grammar classes with listening, reading children's books, oral presentations, and monolingual guest speakers

It was all really great. The teachers are absolutely fantastic and I have certainly learned a lot. I feel that because of their guidance and special attention, I have a solid foundation from which I can continue in the Year Long program and really achieve fluency in Marathi.

Oriya LP

My Professor was always very happy to speak with me about my research topic during our personal tutorials.

Prakrit LP

I am particularly enjoying the exposure to myriad different texts, written in the different kinds of Prakrit. I came to the program wanting to read as much as possible and acquaint myself with as many different texts as possible, and the program has allowed me to do that.

The programme was well organized. The teaching material was very meticulously done.

Sanskrit LP

I really enjoy the diversity of approaches to learning Sanskrit. We read, write, speak, translate texts, and practice grammar; and the combination of these approaches really helps to build my competence in this language.

The faculty are wonderful, each one of them. They know their subject, they know how to teach, and they are very interested in enabling learning.

Sindhi LP

The grammar classes are going really well and teachers are very effective in terms of explaining Sindhi grammar in a clear, understandable, and effective way.

Tamil LP

The Institute has done a very nice job of arranging meetings with local and visiting people who are, in one way or another, invested in the study of Tamil language and culture.

I learn a lot with Dictation, Newspaper reading, the situational conversation. Error correction classes and vocabulary review works particularly well for me. And the individual Tutorials are also of great use!

Telugu LP

The classes were taught by capable professors and the activities designed by them were very illuminating and informative.

Tibetan LP

It's fairly reading based, and that reading has been tailored to my interests, in a variety of registers, which I like.

Urdu LP

I really enjoy PT, as this gives me a chance to practice speaking, and I'm grateful for the way we slowly make our way through the reading articles, practicing the vocabulary on the way and not moving on until everyone has understood what the text is saying. I also enjoy the listening exercises, like the kahani and the conversations, as working through these really helps me understand what is being said and how it sounds.

I really enjoyed all the literature/poetry classes, and I think the instructors for these classes struck a good balance between explaining and clarifying the source texts and encouraging students to use their Urdu to discuss what they had been reading.

The level of dedication, training and intelligence among the teachers is remarkable. The staff also is friendly and always helpful.