Malayalam is the native language spoken by the Malayalees, who are the people of the State of Keralam and the union territories of Mahe and Lakshadweep. It is one of the 23 official languages of India. Malayalam belongs to the family of Dravidian languages. Its affinity to Tamil is most striking. The earliest written record of Malayalam is the Vazhappalli inscription (830 AD). The early literature of Malayalam is comprised of Native folk songs, Manipravalam (Sanskrit and Malayalam mix) and classical songs. The modern Malayalam literature is embedded with so many words from other languages and is also rich with the treasure of poetry, fiction, drama, biography and literary criticism.( click on image for enlarged view )

About the Location

Thiruvananthapuram, is the southern most district of Keralam. It is the capital city of the state. The word literally means that it is the city of 'Lord Ananda'. This word is derived From the name of the deity of the Hindu temple called Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple situated in Thiruvananthapuram . The history of the temple dates back to 16th century

9-9.55 10-11 15 min 11.15-12.10 12.15-1 AN
Monday Conversation Personal Tutorial Break Magazine Reading Dictation Lunch ***
Tuesday Film watching / Interaction with a monolingual guest Review of the film / Review of weekly guest tape Break Personal Tutorial Grammar Lunch ***
Wednesday Grammar Drills Personal Tutorial Break Role plays / Situational conversations /Social functions Literary reading Lunch Zero hour
Thursday Personal Tutorial Oral presentation Break Error correction Cooking Lunch ***
Friday Vocabulary Review Personal Tutorial Break Weekly Test Feed Back Lunch ***
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Student's Expenditure Information

-- In Rupees In Dollars → 1 USD = Rs. 70
Host family rent per month ( Including breakfast and Dinner) Rs 10000/- even though joining on 13th June and vacating on 17th August. 150
Conveyance (to and from LP Center ) Most of the families are nearby.
Internet ( for buying a data card)
Tata Photon/Reliance
Modem Rs 1200-1500 Monthly depends on the usage 24-30
Lunch rate at Program House Lunch Rs 50/-
Tea/ snacks Rs 20/-
Gym membership and monthly charges Rs 500 advance
Rs300-500/ month
International courier charge Rs 1400/-
Minimum charge /250gms
Entertainment ( Ticket charges at Theater ) Rs 50-60 1
Mobile set and sim charge Rs 1100-1400 28


AIIS assists students in finding local accommodation within a reasonable commuting distance of the Language Program center. Depending on the size of the Program and the availability of suitable accommodations, students are sometimes housed in furnished apartments, but more commonly live in "paying guest" or "home-stay" arrangements in private homes, preferably with families who speak the target language. Detailed guidelines will also be sent to students once they are accepted into an AIIS Program.

Malayalam student at weaving centre Malayalam student students watching manuscripts Malayalam students having feast during marriage Malayalam students washing the elephant at an elephant rehabilitation centre Malayalam student at chala bazar